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About Us

Creating quality Cold Meats since 2008


Nesta Foods was established in 2008. The concept was started off by building a world class production facility specialising in processed meats. After perfecting recipes for Smoked Viennas, Chicken Viennas, Smokies, Russians, French and Chicken Polony the products were introduced to local stores within the Limpopo region. Today Nesta Foods is a household brand in the Limpopo region producing in excess of 8000 Tons annually.

Health and Safety

Through continuous internal audits we strive to attain the highest level of health and safety. Our factory is equipped with systems and machinery that exceed industry standards both locally and internationally. Our staff are constantly trained internally and externally to ensure they understand their jobs on a holistic level.


We have invested heavily in our logistics to ensure our customers will get the best products from us on time – every time. Our Factory, fleet of vehicles and IT infrastructure are all built around bringing Nesta quality to you and your customers. Our logistics systems has set us apart by understanding our customers.

Fast Foods

Nesta Foods launched its Fast Foods stores in 2011. The stores foot print is growing rapidly do to it’s philosophy of “No middle Men”. Nesta Fast Foods brings highly affordable meals to it’s customers by delivering ingredients directly to its Fast Foods stores.